Time for a New Change

This Post was Originally Published on 12/25/2007 on my Old Blog

Hey y'all, 

Most people think that I'm pretty smart. Honestly, I sometimes question their judgement. What does it take for a person to change? Most of the epiphanies' in my life happen throughout tragedy. Simply put, I can't remove myself from a bad situation until I hit rock bottom. But, at what point do I say no to a situation before it gets to that boiling point? Meaning, there are a lot of situations that I can foresee the issues, yet; I keep myself in these situations KNOWING that no good can come from them? HOW DO I STOP THE MADNESS?

Am I the only one with this problem? 

I haven't gotten much into new year's resolutions because I believe that we outta be accountable for change at the time that we realize change is needed, and that's pretty much year round. If we wait until the beginning of a new year to adapt change, we'll watch our whole lives pass us by, as another year is not promised. That being said, TODAY'S resolution is simple: Foresee change and avoid it. I need your prayers.......

Your thoughts?