Hair 101 Organic Growth Drops By Lenisha Perry: THEY REALLY WORK!!!

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When Lenisha Perry reached out to me and offered me a bottle of her hair drops to review I was EXCITED!  I have been following her page for a while and always admired her professional work and her crazy hustle.  She is a salon owner and entrepreneur that has over 17 years of hair care experience and it’s clear from her page that she’s a professional who knows what she’s doing!  It also pays to mention that she’s an illustrious alumnus of Flint Northern High School, the best High School in Flint. ☺


Let me be honest though:  I was also skeptical.  Allow me to explain: 


I see all sorts of oils and creams all over the market claiming to work all sorts of hair miracles.  I’m old school when it comes to hair growth: Good old fashioned shampooing, deep conditioning, moisturizing, and protective styling is what I preach.  There are a lot of products on the market that are popular that I’ve tried but just don’t like...because they're selling lies and illusions lol.   It’s also important to me to keep the integrity of my blog so that my audience trusts my opinion. So although Lenisha sent me her own before and after pictures:

Client Of Lenisha Perry:  Progression Pictures

Client Of Lenisha Perry:  Progression Pictures

I decided to document my own:

LifeofJoslyn 01/26/2018

Ok so this picture was taken on 01/26/2018.  I had experienced some hairline thinning from my feed-in braids in October, I added circles to the pictures so that you could really see where the thinning is.  I remember calling my sister so upset because I couldn’t believe that I was having yet another setback with my edges.  I thought that this was permanent because my braids were taken down in October and here I was 4 months later and I hadn’t seen any growth. I decided that I would start out fresh on 02/01/2018 and be consistent with the product for one month and monitor my progression with pictures because the camera don’t lie!  I decided against brushing it into my hair and instead started off by placing a few drops on my fingertips and massaging them into my edges nightly and then tying my hair with my satin scarf before bed.  I was nervous and skeptical but was gonna give it an honest try.  The ingredients are Black Seed, Castor Oil, and Rosemary.....sounded good so I decided to give it a go.  Remember:  This is NOT a paid review and this article is fully my own opinion.  

LifeofJoslyn 02/12/2018

I was seeing progress in the mirror but decided to take a picture to be sure.  Were my eyes deceiving me?!  I sent the two- week progression picture to a few of my brutally honest friends to make sure I wasn’t making things up in my mind.  All three were immediately ready to place an order.  This was literally filing my hairline back in after TWO WEEKS! What was even better was that I was only using a few drops nightly to my hairline!!  A little goes a long way!

LifeOfJoslyn Two Week Progression Picture

LifeOfJoslyn Two Week Progression Picture


I’ll be honest, I was really consistent with applying the oil for like the first week and a half and then after that, I might’ve missed a night or two here and there.  I was still very pleasantly surprised at my results.  I especially like the consistency and smell of the oil.  I’m not a big fan of heavy oils and this one is light with a very light and pleasant scent.  It didn't give me a headache and the smell mostly disappeared as soon as i applied it.  It comes in a dropper bottle which I used occasionally throughout my hair for dry spots because this winter pushed my scalp to the limits on moisture!


So the final verdict:  Do I recommend this oil?!  YES!!!  You can purchase her oil for $13.99 from her website!  You can also ask questions and book a hair appointment.  I would recommend following her on Instagram so that you can see all the healthy and fly hairstyles she posts on nearly a daily basis.  She has been featured on many hair pages, I honestly believe she'll be in Hollywood before we know it. ☺

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Click the picture to go to Lenisha's Website!

Click the picture to go to Lenisha's Website!

So, would you try a hair growth oil? Let me know in the comments below!