Updates and Straightening My Hair!

I did it!  After months of trying to figure out a way to straighten my hair without it turning into a poof ball I FINALLY figured out the combination of products that work for my hair!  Before I give the details, let me give you a little background and update on my hair:

As you know, in November 2016 I cut my hair into a bob.  This was my version of a "medium chop" to get the majority of relaxed hair cut out.


LifeofJoslyn's Bob



At the end of April 2017, I got box braids.  So how it works it that you have to show up for your appointment already shampooed and blow-dried.  I washed my hair a couple of hours before my braiding appointment and while my hair was wet I cut off all the remaining relaxed ends.


LifeOfJosly'ns Relaxed Ends


I knew that my hair was gonna look crazy and not have any shape but I immediately blow dried my hair and then went to get braided up.


LifeOfJoslyn's Box Braids

I figured "While my hair is braided up for 6 weeks I'll have a little more growth AND this gives me time to come up with a master plan!!'

Y'all:  I couldn't take those braids more than 3 weeks.  I loved the way they looked and how convenient they were but they were SO ITCHY OMG. So down the braids came.

Once the braids were out I had no idea what to do with my hair so I got an emergency same day appointment to get my hair straightened and trimmed.  So this picture is me FULLY natural:


LifeOfJoslyn Straightened Big Chop



While the stylist did an awesome job I noticed that she did a"hard press" using a pressing comb on my roots….enter heat damage


LifeOfJoslyn Heat Damage Wet


So now all the cute curly styles I had been waiting to do I CAN'T because the front of my hair is COMPLETELY straight!! UGH!!

So while I am growing out the heat damage I've sworn off pressing combs.  This time I decided to try feed-in braids (cornrows) to see if they'd be a little lighter than the box braids.  I LOVED THEM!!

LifeofJoslyn Feed In Braids

So now that brings us up-to-date.  Because I am growing my hair back with as little setbacks as possible,  I have been wearing my hair in a slicked bun with moisturizer and oil on the length of my hair....but sometimes I MISS MY HAIR AND I WANT MY HAIR STRAIGHT lol!  So through a lot of trial and error (I went through a lot of poof ball hair to get it just right),  I've come up with the products and the process that works for me.  Here we go!

I start off by using a clarifying shampoo to remove all the residue (natural oil, gel, moisturizers) off my hair for maximum swingage.


I shampoo my hair twice, then I apply this protein conditioner for 3 minutes.  This will help protect my hair from all the direct heat I'm about to use AND it helps to maximize shine

So after I rinse the protein conditioner I follow up with a MOISTURIZING Conditioner.  My current and longtime favorite is Alterna Caviar Mositurizing Conditiner.  I apply it thoroughly and then apply a plastic conditioning cap and then sit under my bonnet dryer for 30 minutes.

LifeofJoslyn PlasticCap
LifeofJoslyn Bonnet Dryer

So after deep conditioning it's time to blow dry!  I put my hair into 4 sections and I apply ONE PUMP of serum per section.  It's tempting to apply more than that but this serum by Paul Mitchell is highly concentrated so one pump per section is all you need. This gives me glossy and lightweight blow drying results while further protecting my hair from the heat.  Check out the video below to see how I did it.  I'm working on the technique for now but you a general idea lol

These are the tools used in the blow-drying video

These are the tools used in the blow-drying video

So once I finish blow-drying my hair I begin to flat iron.  I use what's called the "comb-chase" method.  What I do is "chase" my comb with my flat iron.  Doing this allows the hair to be as straight as possible as provides for silky flat iron results.  See the short video below to see the method

So that's it!  I didn't add any shine serum, gloss or spray because the blow dry serum did all the shine work!  Check out my final results, the video's are less than 1 minute each!

What products do you use to straighten your hair?  How would you tweak my technique?  Comment below!  As always, thank you so much for visiting my page, it means so much to me